Now and then, you need to shoot a manager.

When a company uses slogans and one-liners such as ‘Work hard, play hard’, dynamic team and good vibes, you need to:

– allocate a decent fun budget and NOT spend it wisely

– prove that you are a good employer by respecting and supporting the ideas of your staff and not going for you own preferences

– see to it that all your employees are out there together: no more levels, no more differences in role

– repeat it, over and over (and over) again

So, after some food and drinks, our crew jumped enthusiastically into the laser zone where every woman and every man fought his own battle.

Goodbye Mr. Nice Guy! Hello, Mrs. No Mercy! If management gets in the way, you simply shoot them. And if they don’t understand it after the first time, you shoot them twice as hard.

It was heavy, it was warm, it was fun. We dodged some lasers and caught some more.

What shall we do next time, guys? Skydiving or an opera? Or shall we hit both?