Forget about Alfred, Jarvis or Parker. Say hello to PDF Butler!

Forget about Alfred, Jarvis or Parker. Say hello to PDF Butler!

For those of you who are familiar with the Quotes functionality inside Salesforce’s Sales Cloud or quite adept in creating good-looking HTML-based email templates – we know how satisfying it is to see a professional looking & styled version of your data come together on screen.

As an official Salesforce Partner, we’ve tried out numerous document generation apps from the AppExchange these past few years, but never have we come across an app that allowed us to do what we managed to do with PDF Butler.

PDF Butler allows you to create that document you’ve dreamed of by using the world’s #1 text editor: Microsoft Word.

So, here’s an example:

A car dealership has built its own set of custom objects inside Salesforce to setup & order cars for their customers.

The first object holds the more generic information about the car (brand, model, engine type etc.)

A secondary object holds the information related to the different option packs a customer can select after they’ve picked the brand & model (e.g. a navigation pack, the sound-system pack etc.)

The third and final object consists out of the many different parts that come with each option pack the customer has selected.

Through PDF Butler the car dealership has setup a Word template that has their own branding on it: logos, colors, font type and even a picture of the selected car model. This template gives their customer a complete overview of their order (incl. a full breakdown of all the option pack(s) and the contents of those individual packs)

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Can’t you just use Salesforce’s built-in capabilities to generate a quote PDF for this type of situation?”

Not entirely – here’s a couple of features in PDF Butler that takes your standard quote PDF to a full-blown styled custom PDF:

  • Create tables-in-tables (show tables containing records related to related records, or “grandchild records”)
  • Use Criteria-based content (only if the record meets your criteria will it show the specified content)
  • Generate your PDF’s with the press of a button on almost any standard or custom object
  • Apply automatic page numbering if a multi-page PDF is rendered

And here’s how that looks:


Did I forget to mention that this entire PDF was generated within 1 or 2 seconds flat? – believe us … it’s THAT fast and we love it!

And there you have it – the power of a Word template, processed through PDF Butler, available in your very own Salesforce environment.

If you’re interested to try out PDF Butler today – it’s free!

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