“Your wish is my command”

There is so much going on right now with technology – almost every piece of tech we’re currently using is having the “smart sauce” added to it sooner or later. Sure, we’ve got smartphones, tablets, smart-tv’s, smart watches or activity trackers … you name it. But all of those things are still mostly operated by hand by its users.

Now, with the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning upon us, the definition of technology being “smart” is rewritten as we speak. We’re talking to AI operated chat bots through social media, funnelling our questions and concerns automatically towards the correct department and, by doing so, improving our personal customer experience – without a single human being touching it.

People are purchasing electronics like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, both pieces of hardware powered by amazing voice-assistant technology. They allow you to operate a broad range of equipment, listen to music or add groceries to the shopping list on your phone. All of this happens from the comfort of your home and simply by using your voice.

When I was a kid I used to dream about having my own Star-Trek style home and now I’m sitting on my couch swiping away on my tablet and giving voice commands to my TV as if I’m Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself!

“Look, I believe this is what they called a smartphone back then”


Now what if I told you that this state-of-the-art technology can be integrated inside the world’s #1 CRM solution Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud.

As an Account Manager, you spend a lot of your time away from your keyboard: visiting prospects or customers or having phone calls with them, participating in meetings, driving from location to location across the day – it’s a tedious challenge to find that time to work on your administration and maintain your efficiency at the same time.

What if you had your own virtual secretary, ready to perform a range of chores based on the input you provide with just the use of your voice? 7dots has recently partnered up with the creators of Elisebot that made this idea a reality.

Elisebot is a voice-controlled assistant that does things like:

  • Update opportunity fields like stage, close date or amount
  • Create meeting notes
  • Create follow-up tasks
  • Create contacts by sending Elisebot text messages or pictures of business cards
  • Get briefings from Elisebot regarding your pipeline and monthly targets

Let’s say you have a 2-hour meeting today with one your top prospects at their headquarters at 09:00 AM, straight after that meeting you have about a 1 hour ride ahead of you to meet with your co-workers back at the office to discuss the team’s Sales Pipeline that you haven’t reviewed yet.

Enter Elisebot.ai … at 11:15 you get an automated phone call from Elisebot while you’re driving back to the office – she asks you if you’re meeting went well, you tell Elisebot that it was a very fruitful meeting and you have a signed contract that needs to be uploaded by Finance later that day.

Your new customer’s CEO has also asked you to send him a box of brochures by mail to spread around his office now that you’ve decided to do business together.

You ask Elisebot to set the opportunity to “Closed / Won” and the amount needs to be changed as well.

“Anything else?” Elisebot asks you. “Yeah, brief me about my current Sales Pipeline” – and as you’re getting closer to the office, Elisebot tells you all about the latest numbers based on feedback she has received by talking to your co-workers as well.

You arrive back at the office 10 minutes earlier than expected … just in time to get yourself a nice cup of coffee and listen to that favourite track of yours via Spotify.

Brilliant, isn’t it! For more info, give us a call or check on www.elisebot.ai

Download the PDF document here.


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