Digital transformation of customer service: personalization and speed


In the digital age, customer service is a key component of the customer experience. Clear and consistent customer service is essential to keep your customers happy, and to help attract new ones. Poor customer service is an important reason to stop doing business with a supplier. As we all know, losing customers is expensive. And attracting new customers is more expensive than keeping existing ones. Service is extremely important to customers, and is therefore a key differentiator for businesses.

Differentiate your customer service

Organizations that succeed in creating successful customer service will be rewarded with brand loyalty and happy customers. That’s not an easy task. Common problems with customer service solutions are that they’re not built for mobile, focus on one size fits all, and aren’t available at the point of customer need. Digital transformation of customer service solves these problems. Two important digital transformation goals for customer service are attaining personalization and increasing speed.

Personalization and speed

How are you able to treat every customer as a unique individual with unique needs? How do you increase the speed of responding to customer requests and close cases faster? Making customer service personal and speeding up the closing of customer cases requires the introduction of smart integrated digital tools in webpages and apps. Examples of such digital tools are messaging, video chat and analytics.

Messaging facilitates personalized customer care by two-way conversational texting between customers and companies through popular apps, such as Facebook Messenger. This solution helps increase customer satisfaction, as messaging often leads to faster closing of customer cases than call queues. In addition, text messaging helps decrease operational cost, as it only requires 25% of the cost of a voice channel.

Smart integration of these tools in websites and apps used by customers and service agents also facilitates personal customer service and speedy closing of customer cases. It enables organisations to collect and analyze data, resulting in better customer service insights. In addition, it enables service agents to directly access relevant customer and case data, which makes it easier to deliver the right customer service through the right channel at the right time. Furthermore, it enables integrated case management, based on one unified image of a unique customer with unique needs. This approach decreases the risk of mixing up data and removes the necessity to enter customer data more than once. Agents who are chatting with customers have access to the complete customer profile in a single view. Integrated tools not only make life easier for customers and agents, but also provide analytics for management, such as team information, key metrics and trends.

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