Why good planning makes your sales volume grow

Territory management plays a big part in generating sales volume

Do you recognize the following scenarios within your sales team?

  • Peter is faced with challenges to set up his client visits based on his existing parameters (customer profile, frequency of contact & previous visits). He prioritizes his ROI and often overlooks long & inefficient travel distances. On a monthly (and yearly) basis he spends too much time on the road which, subsequently, has a negative impact on the overall sales ROI.
  • Sarah is really struggling to keep her ‘territory management’ under control. She runs into trouble whenever one of her customers cancels an appointment at the very last minute. When that happens, she has to quickly find another willing customer. Depending on her customer portfolio she will or won’t be able to achieve that goal. Nevertheless, it will cost her a lot of time to plan all of this, which impacts the quality of her work and productivity during the day (for example: being in too much of a rush at her previous customer because she’s trying to squeeze in another visit)
  • Kevin follows his gut feeling when he plans his sales trips. He often manages to setup meetings from a geographical perspective, which allows him to do a lot of visits in a single day. But this gut feeling approach also has a backlash, causing him to visit more of his low potentials instead of the key accounts and, as a result, less chance in terms of sales.

As a Sales Manager, you get evaluated based on your sales volume and the sales cost that comes with it. Big sales teams often use the following KPI’s to grow their sales volume:

  • Number of visits and frequency
  • Time in between visits
  • Targeting efficiency
  • Quality of the sales pitch
  • Overhead cost based on:
    • mileage
    • travelling distance between customers
    • planning

The first 3 parameters can be bundled as “Territory Management”: an excellent performing sales person is predominantly based on his/her capabilities to visit key accounts, high potential prospects, satisfied run-rate companies and low potentials in a correlated way.

Recent numbers tell us that efficient territory management leads to a higher sales volume. Time management is undoubtedly as important as sales skills & experience. So, the question is: do you want driven sales executives or excellent organizers?

Having a qualitative good tool to increase your territory management at your disposal would help out a lot. That way your sales team only needs to focus on signing business deals and increasing sales volume. And that is your first & foremost goal as a Sales Manager.

With route and/or planning optimization you generate more sales volume

Opti-Time is a software solution that generates your sales team’s planning based on customer data directly from Salesforce. Do you prefer to sustain the autonomy of your team? We can assist your team with that too.

Generate a quick planning while maintaining your sales KPI’s: Opti-Time Geo

Your customers get segmented based on your Salesforce data. This decides their priority which is paired with certain KPI’s. Opti-Time combines the data and the KPI’s with the geographical data. This way the tools helps your sales team to compile their travel routes. Priority customers get shown first on the map. This saves time in terms of having to look them all up and allows the team to solely focus on the selected customer and sort them chronologically/geographically.

Optimizing time for planning, travel distance and travel time while maintaining your sales KPI’s: Opti-Time Cloud Tour

Based on the data in Salesforce, Opti-Time calculates the optimal day- and week planning based on algorithms. Manual planning is decreased to a minimum, whilst the sales KPI’s are maintained. By improving the geographical parameters – which is the biggest benefit of this tool – in time, your visit rates will start to increase, because the travelling time is cut-down exponentially. You maintain control of your planning, as the generated version can be changed as you prefer.

As a sales person, sales manager or general management – do you recognize this story, but are you not sure if we’re be able to help you?

Do you depend on your customers in order to make appointments upfront? Are your visits more likely to be bound to certain time periods that you can’t sufficiently parametrize in Salesforce? Opti-Time is a custom solution that incorporates your industry or company specific factors into the equation. We shape our tool around your needs.

Contact us if you strongly believe there’ always a solution or if you believe, just like we do, that it never hurts to listen.

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