The digital transformation of field services

Service is a key component of the customer experience and therefore an essential marketing instrument for businesses. Excellent field service creates satisfied customers and generates new leads. How do you make a difference with field service?


Customer experience

Wouldn’t it be great if one single software solution contained all relevant customer data, ready to be accessed by sales employees, service agents, field service technicians, management and other resources in the organization?

  • When a customer calls your helpdesk, for example, your service agent gets an interface with customer data such as name and address, but also the data of former communications with that customer. This helps the service agent to better understand the customer and to provide quicker service.
  • When the customer reports his problem, the service agent digitally communicates with the field service technician and plans an appointment to resolve the problem.
  • In no time the customer gets informed about this appointment via e-mail.
  • When the field service technician prepares the appointment for the reparation of the washing machine at the customer’s house, he gets the same customer data as the service agent. This ensures that the customer doesn’t need to explain his problem again to the technician. On top of that, the technician has all necessary information at his fingertips, such as the customer’s location.
  • This approach increases the response time and the personal service delivered to the customer significantly.

A clear interface

Even when you employ good field service technicians, you can still lag in delivering efficient service. For instance, in case a customer has his historical customer data available, but the service agents do not get this data on their interface when that customer calls? This results in confusion between customers and service agents, and reduces the chance of providing good service and creating satisfied customers. Therefore, it’s important that you ensure that all relevant customer data is available in a clear and user-friendly interface.

Good customer service leads to other new customers

Service is extremely important to customers and therefore an important marketing tool for businesses. The service agent is often the customer’s first contact with your business. This contact offers the opportunity to generate new customer leads, although you might often not fully realize that. A field service technician visiting a customer to solve a problem, can identify more customer problems and reports this straight to the service agents for follow-up. Organizations that realize the value of good field service to improve customer satisfaction and to generate new leads look at customer service in a different way. They understand the importance of an excellent field service solution.

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