Customer Experience Game Changers

On April 12, Salesforce World Tour came to Amsterdam. This event is the place to be if you want to understand how global companies and pioneers revolutionize the path to happier customers in today’s connected world. Two of the main game changers in the area of customer experience are partnerships and applying new innovative technologies in products and solutions.

New technologies

7dots has created partnerships with Harvest Digital and Payper to obtain a unique competitive advantage in the market. At the Salesforce World Tour in Amsterdam, the three organizations experience a day full of innovation, inspiration and fun. They discover how Salesforce applies new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data and analytics to create excellent customer experiences.


7dots and Harvest Digital created a partnership in order to offer customers a true one-stop-shop experience for their sales, services and marketing needs. With ‘Double Action’ as the baseline on Salesforce World Tour, 7dots and Harvest Digital combine their knowledge, experience and skills. That way, they help companies boost their customer experience. 7dots is a Salesforce partner and helps companies to improve their relationship with existing customers, find new prospects and win back former clients. Harvest Digital is a growth marketing agency that helps companies to transform their marketing activities.

7dots and Payper have also established a partnership creating The Laboratory. This new company experiments with innovative technologies (such as blockchain, AI, Internet of Things and machine learning) to solve business issues. Payper is a strategic partner in the area of flexible labour. They offer structural solutions for payroll, back-office services and HR management. Payper developed a PaperOne Payroll solution built on the Salesforce platform.

Innovative products and solutions

Salesforce uses new technologies such as AI, big data and analytics to improve their Sales, Services and Marketing Cloud capabilities. At Salesforce World Tour, KLM and Rituals present two inspiring success stories.

Airline KLM showcases how it uses the Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities to create personalized customer experiences. The strategy is to use the same social communication channels as the customer (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter). In other words, customers use their own preferred social channel to communicate with the airline, for instance to ask questions about their flight and boarding pass. The KLM customer service information is centrally stored in the Salesforce Service Cloud. That way, all relevant personnel handle customer requests with speed and accuracy. What KLM does is also of interest to other businesses. A holiday resort, for instance, creates a better personalized customer experience when it offers communication through the preferred social channel of its customers.

Personalized offers

Rituals, specialized in home and body cosmetics, showcases on Salesforce World Tour how the company uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud capabilities to create tailor-made customer experiences. Rituals analyzes the website and social media behaviour of its customers. For instance, when a customer looks for hand soap on the website, this data is collected, analyzed and used to create a special offer. They advertise the personalized offer on the customer’s social media channel, for instance on their Facebook timeline. Again, other businesses benefit from such tailor-made customer experiences too. A holiday resort could suggest suitable locations through an advertisement on the customer’s Twitter channel, after he or she was on the website looking for accommodation. It helps to easily find relevant accommodation, resulting in happy customers.


Last but not least, Salesforce investigates how to apply blockchain in products and solutions to create better customer experiences. The Laboratory also experiments with blockchain technology to solve customer issues. Therefore, The Laboratory is eager to find out how Salesforce will apply blockchain.

Would you like to be inspired by Salesforce’s innovative solutions to create excellent customer experiences? Contact 7dots and discover how to boost your company’s success.



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