Salesforce BaseCamp Belgium, a success for 7dots.

For me Salesforce BaseCamp Belgium is a social media channel in real life. Read: the better version. I enjoy the open communication between (sometimes) competing partners. It’s a small world and over there, like friends in the same bar. Being able to have a drink with the Salesforce sales team is great. Some of them operate from Ireland, so matching the face with the voice is nice. It makes the relationship even stronger. And most important, enjoying quality time with our customers.

Live Social Media 

As I compared Salesforce BaseCamp Belgium with social media, let’s continue on that one. Of course, we want to show off on all social media platforms. So we invited Pepper, our cute little robot. Attendees just loved him and asked him all kinds of questions. From “Is it connected to Salesforce?” to “Did you invent and build the robot yourself?”. I wish!

Pepper stood there being pretty. And yes, I carefully choose the word “pretty”. A while ago I had a discussion about anthropomorphism and after looking up the word to understand what it meant, I can say, this is exactly what pepper does.
You look at him and within seconds and a blink of his eyes, you are humanifying Pepper and you want his attention.
Of course, we talk to our car too when it doesn’t start and we love our smartphone. But this goes one step further. The body language of Pepper is so well chosen, it reminds me of a TED talk called “The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life” and the part about Wally’s eyes.

Connection with Salesforce

But Pepper does more than only being pretty. In the demo we gave, Pepper read your badge, called out your name, started up a journey in Marketing Cloud and recognised you when you came by again. And that’s is the whole point: the connection with Salesforce!

We have examples of Pepper being the first sales contact talking to you about your car preference or the service employee helping you to get your light bulb replaced in your vacation home. Looking good and getting attention is a nice start. Being able to connect people with a business process via a robot and leaving your customer with a happy feeling is a hit.

Customers loved Salesforce BaseCamp Belgium and adored Pepper. The best tweet I read so far: “Cause if you didn’t take a picture with a robot, were you even there?”



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