Lead gen made easy with Scanman

In today’s society, you are strongly encouraged to build up and/or extend our business network. You host countless events all over the world on any imaginable subject to provide this. But how do you collect who was there? Who did what and who attended which presentations? Have you ever bumped into a scan application?

Excel files, really?

With today’s skyrocketing technology and company changing perspectives, you would assume that there’s indeed a beneficial system to gather and store all relevant details about the audience you network with.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. With rapidly world changing technology and upcoming automated systems, the usage of excel sheets is still the most common way of visualizing and storing data. In a perfect world, hosts are dreaming of getting in touch with their most valuable lead without spending hours to look for him. From a marketing’s perspective at an event, you often receive an email with an attached spreadsheet showing you who was present. Interesting indeed, but not very practical, is it?

360° view

Imagine a system that scans the attendee and automatically sends all valuable data towards your CRM system. What breakout sessions did he attend? Did he take a goodie bag? Followed by taking the right action when you see in your CRM system that he is spotted on a particular booth? Or that he registered for a breakout session during on your event?

When you integrate your event scanning with your CRM solution, the event info on your customer becomes part of your 360° view. And if your CRM solution talks to your marketing automation tool, it could even start up the correct customer journey! A journey based on customer’s actions, visits and interests. Because An event is only valuable when you use the data correctly.

So, this basically means that there is no need for “csv” spreadsheets and time-consuming searches anymore. Is that cool or what?

Scan application

In order to fill that gap in the market, a team of 7dotters sat together to work out a solution. They built a scan application that gathers information of participants at an event. Breakout sessions, product interests, demo try-outs, all sent to your CRM system. We are proud to present to you “Scanman”, a Salesforce integrated QR-code scan application.

Hello, Scanman!

Scanman makes it possible to scan with multiple devices and follow-up remotely. Even on another device while being sure that you can us one QR-ticket only once! Therefore, Scanman is designed to work both offline and online, without losing any of its features. Because of the integration with Salesforce, we made it possible to take the advantage of visualizing data on a whole new level. Expect in-depth visualization and very easily navigable dashboards to perfectly point out your leads, opportunities and existing clients.

No imports, no emails with attached spreadsheet, just use your CRM solution and the integration with Scanman will make sure that you have all the data that you need for the follow-up of your event. Scanman makes sure that the leads you create during your event are at the fingertips of your sales crew.

Need more info? Have a look at the demo or give us a call!


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