We are listeners. We are co-thinkers. We are translators. We are constructors.

This results in solid Salesforce cloud solutions that provide 360° insights into the business. Our developers and consultants keep their Salesforce promise: to build the customer central approach you dream of.

7dots is a young, ambitious, rapidly growing and – above all – creative group of people aiming to stand out in the Salesforce market.

  • Honest people, honest pricing
  • Small group, personal service
  • Creative minds think alike
  • Our client is king
  • But so is our staff!


You may have acquired certain types of applications in the past as they seemed the solution for your business back then. Now you might be sitting on a ton of valuable data that can’t be integrated or enriched with other data.

If you decide to choose for a new application within your IT-landscape, we guarantee you seamless integration and synergy.

We translate your business requirements into a solid plan. The result is either a standard or a custom solution, implemented through rapid development.

  • In-depth technical knowledge
  • Agile development
  • Working on site
  • 3 offices in BE & NL
  • Expertise outside Salesforce


Our salesforce developer Burak explains what it is like to start as a young graduate at 7dots via Grasshoppers Academy. Do you also want to be part of our squad? Come along for a chat!

we love what we do


Hello Computing Wonder, Prodigy, Scrum Master, Customer Satisfier. And IT Wizard. We need you!
At 7dots we’re doing everything possible to make your day a happy one. That means the world to us.

How can we convince you to join our gang?

Can’t find what you are looking for? In that case, have a look at vacatures-in-it.

Tom Jansen
Salesforce Consultant

I joined 7dots right after I graduated and I was immediately considered a colleague and not ‘the new kid’. 7dots gives me the possibility to expand my knowledge of Salesforce by letting me take courses and participate to events. I’m also able to give my own input to grow as a person.

Daniël Loriaux
Salesfore Consultant

Working for 7dots means interesting and challenging projects as well as great learning opportunities. Team members work in close collaboration with each other and with a focus on quality. Team work and good work ethics make us a helpful resource for both each other and our clients.

Stephane Plancke
Salesforce Consultant

7dots is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons why: family friendly, flexible work schedule, always open to suggestions for change, great co-workers, lots of training opportunities, etc. The managers really care about their employees: happiness and motivation rules. We work hard, but there’s always a reason to celebrate. I am definitely proud to work here.

Jowin w
Jowin Waaijer
Salesforce Consultant

Being one of the first employees at 7dots gave me the opportunity to grow along with the company. 7dots really focusses on personal growth and makes sure there is a good connection between the client and the consultant. Our broad range of products and clients guarantees a lot of diversity. This combined with helpful colleagues is our formula for success and helps us to continuously move forward within the cloud industry.

Alwin Van Dijken
Salesforce Consultant

Working at 7dots changed my perspective on the use of Salesforce: from a CRM system for the implementation of internal processes to a full blown software platform that serves both new and existing customers. At 7dots you gain knowledge about the latest developments in cloud technology as well as new front-end features. Because of the great variety of projects, I am continuously expanding my knowledge.

Bas Corstanje
Managing Partner

7dots is a close team of young, ambitious people where knowledge is shared on a daily basis. It’s a “flat” organization, meaning you will always be referred to as a colleague, no matter what your position is within the company. We invest in our people but, above all, we ask from them to truly enjoy their job. For me it meant a new view on the term “working” and an incredible motivation to push our success story to the next level.

Tim v
Tim Verheyden
Salesforce Consultant

When I started working at 7dots I felt immediately at home. I was surrounded by friendly colleagues who guided me into the world of Salesforce. Knowledge is easily shared as they all want you to grow along. 7dots is one big happy family. Are you motivated, do you share an interest in Salesforce and are you a little bit crazy? Then I can only recommend to join our team!